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Camera App Smartphone / Tablet Setup

Most everyone wants to be able to view their new cameras while away from home…. here’s how you setup your mobile devices to do just that!

Step 1. You’ll need to go to your app store and grab yourself the app…. search  IDMSS on Apple or GDMSS on android.

Step 2. After you’ve downloaded and install the app you’ll need to open it and select your country.

Step 3. From the home screen of the mobile application select “Camera”.


Step 4. Select the menu button.


Step 5. Select Device Manager.


Step 6. Select add button to add device.


Step 7. Select Wired Device.


Step 8. Select IP/Domain


Step 9. Fill in the form with the info I provided to you in your setup email.


Step 10. Click  “Start Live Preview” which will open this camera and verify you entered everything right.

SmartPSS Quick Start Guide

I seem to be doing more security camera work these days than home audio/video so I thought it would be nice to write a guide customers can refer to when using their new DVR system.

While you can view your DVR on you smart phone or through a web browser using the SmartPSS software gives you greater control for not only viewing your cameras live but also reviewing your recordings. Follow these steps to get SmartPSS up and running on your PC. Visit Dahua to download the latest version on the software.

The install process is pretty straight forward. After downloading the SmartPSS software click it to start the installation process. The defaults will work throughout except for the functions page where you will want to uncheck the PC-NVR option.


Once installed you can launch the program, you will be prompted for a username and a password, you can use the defaults (admin for both) and check the box to remember password.

Adding your Cameras

Once logged into the SmartPSS software you at taken to the “Home Page”, this is the landing point where you will select what you want to do with the software (ie. view the cameras live or watch recorded video). Before we can do any of that you will need to enter your DVR details into the software, we do this by clicking “Devices “.


Once in the Devices window you will need to click “Manual Add” and input your information (provided by the installer) in the required fields. Once all the information has been inputted click the “Get Info” button. If the information you inputted is valid the information about your DVR will be displayed in the fields below the Get Info button. Click “Add” to save this DVR to the SmartPSS software. At this point you can close the Devices window.


Using SmartPss

While the SmartPSS software is capable of doing many things what most of my customers use it for is viewing their cameras live and the recorded video.  You get to these features in the Home Page.

To view your cameras live Click “LiveView” on the homepage. Choose a window layout that best supports the amount of cameras connected to your DVR (step 1) then double click the device you added (step 2). This will call for the SmartPSS software to connect to your DVR and display all your cameras.


Another option is the click the “+” next to your device to show a list of the individual cameras connected to your DVR, clicking the camera will open it for viewing.


Playback of video has a few extra steps so I’ve recorded a short video on how that function works.

If you get stuck or have questions never hesitate to ask, that’s what I’m here for!