Computer Services

Here’s a list of some of the computer services we offer along with our rates.

Computer Repairs

All computer repair work is performed at our shop. If you are unable to drop your computer off to us, we can pick it up (locally, within 25 miles) and return it after the work is done for a fee of $25. On-site computer work (when necessary) is billed at $37.50 per half hour.

  • Computer Evaluation: $25/FREE – I’ll check things out and give you an idea what it will take to bring your computer back to working order. If I perform the recommended work the Evaluation is Free!
  • PC Tune-up: $75 – Sometimes your computer just needs some love! This normally involves software updates, cleanup of old files, a disk defrag, a scan for Viruses and Malware, and other maintenance operations.
  • PC Tune-up /w Virus Removal: $125 – Same as the basic tune-up but with Virus/Malware removal.
  • Operating System Installation: $75 – Installation of new OS (software not included) along with all required drivers.
  • Operating System Re-Install: $175 – While not the first option, sometimes a virus will can cause enough damage where a re-install of your operating system is the best option. Your personal files are backed up, your OS re-installed, along with the required drivers, and you personal files re-installed. Additional software installation is extra.  (this option is only available if you own a valid copy of your OS along with a serial number)
  • Software Installation: $20 for the first program, $10 for each additional program, you provide the software.
  • Memory Upgrade: $25 + cost of hardware – Increasing your computer memory can really speed things up.
  • Hard Drive Upgrade: $100 + cost of hardware – Add more storage to your computer by upgrading the hard drive. The old drive will be removed and all its contents mirrored to your new drive.

Home Networking

  • Wireless Router Installation: $75 (you provided you router) $350 (Unifi Router / Lite AP) – Wireless router installed and configured, and connected to one device ($15 per additional wireless device connected to your wireless network).
  •  Add a Wireless AP to Existing Wired Network (access point included): $250 –  Connect a wireless access point to your existing wired network and connect one wireless device ($15 per additional wireless device connected to your wireless network).
  • Connect Additional Wireless Devices: $50 – Add one additional device to your existing wireless network ($15 per additional wireless device connected to your wireless network).

These are just a few of the services we provide, feel free to contact us with any problems you may have.

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