Camera App Smartphone / Tablet Setup

Most everyone wants to be able to view their new cameras while away from home…. here’s how you setup your mobile devices to do just that!

Step 1. You’ll need to go to your app store and grab yourself the app…. search  IDMSS on Apple or GDMSS on android.

Step 2. After you’ve downloaded and install the app you’ll need to open it and select your country.

Step 3. From the home screen of the mobile application select “Camera”.


Step 4. Select the menu button.


Step 5. Select Device Manager.


Step 6. Select add button to add device.


Step 7. Select Wired Device.


Step 8. Select IP/Domain


Step 9. Fill in the form with the info I provided to you in your setup email.


Step 10. Click  “Start Live Preview” which will open this camera and verify you entered everything right.

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